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Integración Juvenil has no sustainable means of support and relies solely on donations to cover all ongoing expenses.

Donations fluctuate from year to year, creating the need for a constant outreach effort to keep supporting our 200 – plus students as well as growing so we can help more.

Whether you can make a donation of  $10 dollars, or provide a gift of clothes or equipment or time, your contribution is important and will be put to good use. Here are some ways to donate.



  • 1) How to Donate Money
    Send an email to pledge a cash donation. Our donations director will respond to your email and to any questions with the form, and help you direct your contribution.
  • 2) How to Donate Items
    Coming on vacation? Bring an extra suitcase with clothes, toys, school supplies, whatever you can spare. Please email us to agree on details about pick up or delivery upon your arrival. Our donations director will reply and tell you what is currently needed.
  • 3) How to Donate Time
    Are you a teacher, carpenter, caregiver, plumber or from another profession and would like to take a working sabbatical? Perhaps your skills can be of help to Integración Juvenil. Drop us a line and tell us about yourself!
  • 4) How to Organize a helping hand Vacation
    For your school, church or service club. Each year hundreds of groups arrive to the Dominican Republic to help out. Integración Juvenil can help you to organize your group trip around assistance to some of our programs. Drop us a line!
  • 5) Link us to your website
    Help us spread the word about Integración Juvenil by providing a link to us on your website through our link exchange program.
  • 6) Institutions, ngo’s, partnering
    With more than 30 years of service, Integración Juvenil has developed experience and resources to ensure effective administration and execution of programs. We have also acquired resources and facilities that are awaiting funding and partnerships that can help our programs to grow. If any of our programs are aligned with your institutional objectives, write us and let’s explore ways to work together.
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