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Our Story

Inspired by a group of citizens led by Mrs. Ana Valverde de Leroux.  Integracion Juvenil was established on September 5, 1977, in the city of Puerto Plata, North of Dominican Republic. After seeing how the children and young juveniles approached the tourist arriving from the cruise ships to our destination and ask for money,  there was an urge to find a way to support them. 

The first spaces to host these children was inside Mrs. Ana Valverde de Leroux own properties were they received food, education and sometimes even shelter.  

It was formally incorporated on October 26, 1978, in accordance to Decree NO.343 as a legal non-profit organization with the main purpose to work with children living on scarce conditions around the neighborhood of Puerto Plata and properly integrating them back to society. 

Integracion Juvenil has been operating as a school since xxx under the ministry of education within a facility of xxxx. Currently it the organization has supported more than 8,000 children over the past 45 years

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